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Target 3 Reduce exposure to cancer risk factors
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“Flyt hyggen ind i skyggen” (Get comfy in the shade)
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”Flyt hyggen ind i skyggen” (get comfy in the shade) is the latest campaign from The Danish Sun Safety Campaign. Shade is the most important advice when it comes to sun protection. This is the main message of the 2014 campaign. With the payoff ”Flyt hyggen ind i skyggen” the purpose of the campaign is to show, that it doesn’t have to be boring to be in the shade – and that you don’t have to be inside in order to protect yourself from the sun. The campaign consists of 7 animated films with small figures who do everything wrong in the sun, which is combined with a call to action point at At the website Danes can be inspired to do a lot of different activities in the shade all over Denmark and share good ideas as well. The target audience is young people in the age of 15-39 and parents with children living at home. The campaign aims to reduce the amount of skin cancer cases with the main messages: be in the shade, wear clothes/hat and put on sunscreen.
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