On 3 December 2014, UICC launched a new publication “The Economics of Cancer Prevention and Control: Data Digest” to catalyse discussions on the case for investment in cancer at the 2014 World Cancer Leaders' Summit held in Melbourne, Australia.

UICC drew on its network of experts to bring together a snapshot of the current global evidence base on the economic costs and the return on investment in taking on proven strategies for cancer prevention, early detection and health systems strengthening.

Making an economic case for investment in cancer prevention and control is becoming more important year on year. The onus is on the cancer community to produce robust information to help governments around the world justify their investment in addressing a disease that is rapidly impacting low- and middle-income countries - those least able to control cancer effectively.

UICC recognises the evolving nature of this valuable field of investigation and applauds the ongoing pursuit of many individuals and organisations around the world working to strengthen the case for investment.  We invite UICC members, partners and the wider global cancer community to please forward any comments, case studies, figures, or references to augment this document and help us consolidate the evidence base in this field. Please write to the UICC Advocacy Team at