World Cancer Declaration Target: 
Target 5 Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer
Target 6 Universal access to screening and early detection for cancer
Target 7 Improve access to service across the cancer care continuum
Campaign title: 
Pink Caravan
Description of the campaign: 
Pink Caravan is a Pan UAE breast cancer initiative that falls under Friends of Cancer Patients’ umbrella “Kashf” for early detection of cancer.
More information: 

The mission of the Pink Caravan campaign is to: 

  • Spread awareness about the importance of self breast examination amongst the UAE community.
  • Dispel myths associated with breast cancer in relation to the UAE community.
  • Provide access to clinical breast examinations, mammography and further breast cancer screening investigation, for women and men within the UAE community.
  • Lobby for the creation of the UAE’s National Cancer Registry.
  • Advocate amongst public and private medical bodies to improve the standards of breast cancer screening and treatment within the UAE.

Pink Caravan Medical Mobile Clinic is a medical facility that travels across the United Arab Emirates providing onsite awareness and screening for breast and cervical cancer increasing the chances of early detection and survival.




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