World Cancer Declaration Target: 
Target 8 Universal availability of pain control and distress management
Campaign title: 
Pink Angel Services
Description of the campaign: 
When diagnosed with breast cancer, patients are emotionally stressed and generally fearful of cancer treatments. This negative state of mind often triggers anxiety, fear, anger and in the worst case, depression. Some patients tend to avoid treatment or unwilling to complete the entire treatment cycle. Among all cancer treatments, chemotherapy is the most difficult and has the most negative side effects that impact patient’s health, both physically and psychologically. Patients need to visit the hospital frequently and that creates a lot of stress on their family and caretakers. Pink Angel service is carried out by a team of trained zealous volunteer survivors. We offer free companionship to patients during chemotherapy treatment, provide telephone and other supports, to relieve patients’ stress and anxiety.
More information: 

Emotional Support: 

  • Pink Angel Chemotherapy Companion Service
  • Telephone hotline support
  • Pink Chat rooms
  • WhatsApp groups and other online support

Information Support:

  • Breast Cancer Educational talks
  • On-line Doctor Q & A Zoom & Facebook sessions
  • Resource Library & leaflets.
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