World Cancer Declaration Target: 
Target 3 Reduce exposure to cancer risk factors
Target 5 Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer
Target 9 Improve education and training of healthcare professionals
Campaign title: 
It's My Life! Stop cancer before it starts
Description of the campaign: 
It’s My Life! is an interactive tool that will help educate Canadians about cancer prevention and empower them to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk of developing cancer. The main audience for this interactive infographic would be the general public, although others may also benefit from it. For example, it can be used by educators, physicians and others to learn about and teach their target audiences about population-level cancer rates and trends, to demonstrate cancer progress by showing changes in cancer survival, mortality and risk factor rates over time. It can also serve as a health promotion tool for the Canadian Cancer Society and other organizations involved in cancer control (e.g. cancer charities, federal and provincial government agencies, community-based services).
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