World Cancer Declaration Target: 
Target 3 Reduce exposure to cancer risk factors
Target 4 Universal coverage of the HPV and HBV vaccination
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Don't Just Sit There
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'Don't Just Sit There' aims to increase awareness of the need for women to have regular cervical screening. The campaign encourages women 18-69 years to make an appointment for a Pap test with their doctor every two years. The commercial demonstrates the difference between the feeling of being uncomfortable during a Pap test and the feeling of being uncomfortable during the treatments of cervical cancer which could involve chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. It also reinforces the need for regular Pap tests for women who may have been recently vaccinated against cervical cancer. The 'Don't Just Sit There' campaign, originally developed by the Cancer Council Victoria in 2004, has helped increase screening rates in several states across Australia. The number of Pap tests conducted in NSW during the 2007 campaign period increased by 21% in comparison to the same period in 2006. With the introduction of the National HPV Vaccination Program the campaign was revised in 2008 to reinforce the need for women who have been immunised against HPV to continue to have two yearly Pap tests.
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