ICCP provides various types of collaborative technical assistance support for countries around the preparation, development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of national cancer control plans. Countries seeking technical assistance can contact the ICCP Technical Assistance Working Group at to begin discussing country needs and availability of corresponding expertise through ICCP. The process for exploring Technical Assistance with ICCP is described here.


Past technical assistance provided by ICCP has included workshops to support planners, ICCP-developed tools for planners, expert review of national cancer control plans, technical in-country support for planners, and webinars and other assistance on specific topic areas.

An Assessment Tool developed by ICCP partners provides countries with an opportunity to assess their own efforts in developing a plan of action and is meant to engage key stakeholders in a thoughtful discussion of the essential elements of developing and implementing a country’s national cancer control plan. The Cancer Control Planning Master Course is comprised of eight webinars led by international subject matter experts, and includes the step-by-step process of cancer control planning and implementation. The Master Course is for people engaged in cancer control from various disciplines and at different levels. Although the course has ended, the webinars are available on the ICCP web portal. ICCP partners have also brought together cancer leaders in a number of regions through the Cancer Control Leadership Forums as an opportunity for country teams to exchange ideas with other countries in their region and develop leadership capacity for evidence-based cancer control planning. Each regional Forum engages 4-7 multi-sectoral teams from countries in the region for at least 18 months to initiate or enhance evidence-based cancer control planning and implementation. One example is the Central America Cancer Control Leadership Forum, held in September 2016 in Antigua, Guatemala

Finally, each of the partners has individual training and education opportunities available ranging from post-doctoral fellowships and senior visiting scientist awards, a summer curriculum in cancer prevention, and cancer-specific technology transfer and capacity building for a broad range of professionals engaged in cancer work. 

2016 Cancer Control Planning and Implementation Master Course

Effectively addressing cancer prevention and control is a complex and multifaceted challenge for all countries and the Cancer Control Planning and Implementation (CCPI) Master Course is one of the technical assistance collaborations that was made possible through the International Cancer Control Partnership’s (ICCP) collaborative worldwide network of experts. The CCPI Master Course was designed to raise awareness of the benefits of cancer control planning and increase the capacity of cancer professionals around the world to move forward cancer control planning and implementation in their respective countries through an evidence-based, multi-sectoral approach.

Although this course has ended, the webinars are available here.