World Cancer Declaration Target: 
Target 9 Improve education and training of healthcare professionals
Campaign title: 
‘Signs and Symptoms’
Description of the campaign: 
Compilation of materials from the ‘Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Cancer’ campaign
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"Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Cancer" campaign, conducted in partnership with Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP). Detecting childhood cancer through understanding early warning signs can improve survivorship and health outcomes. Early detection can also improve children’s quality of life by allowing health providers to put children and their families into contact with other support services.

In our three year campaign, conducted between 2014-2017, we developed a suite of materials to assist health workers to recognize suspicious signs of cancer in children and encourage referral to appropriate health facilities for timely testing, diagnosis and treatment.  The campaign produced posters, pocket cards with common differential diagnoses and talking head videos, presented below. The visual materials, developed by international childhood cancer experts, have been translated into over forty languages and are being used in community settings, trainings, as well as in clinics and hospitals.  This document provides all of the materials, along with implementation case studies, and can be integrated in part or as a whole package into learning and training activities on childhood cancer and child health more broadly.  

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