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Target 3 Reduce exposure to cancer risk factors
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Nutrition Facts Education Campaign
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The Nutrition Facts Education Campaign is a multi-media campaign that helps consumers understand and use the information on the Nutrition Facts table, and in particular, the % Daily Value. The % Daily Value messages are delivered through a variety of channels in collaboration with Food and Consumer Products Canada. Messages include: "Does a product have a little or a lot? Less than 5% is a little, more than 15% is a lot" "Nutrients you want more of...choose higher %DV" "Nutrients you want less of...choose lower %DV" Messaging was used on products in 31 product categories and appeared in 20 National magazines and newspapers. Primary Audience: Canadian mothers aged 19 to 54 with children aged 2 to 12, who use the Nutrition Facts table when making food choices for their families. Secondary Audiences: All Canadians and health & education partners.
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