August 11, 2020

CANCER 360: A 360 Degree View of Cancer                                                         

Cancer is a major public health concern globally and the incidence is rapidly rising. The gaps in awareness of and training in cancer is well described across all domains of healthcare. The Cancer Education Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM) in Toronto, Canada, is focused on providing open access globally to educational resources on cancer to advance patient care. Cancer 360, launched July 1 2020, is a designed to meet this goal. Cancer 360 is a massive open online course launched by the Cancer Education Program at PM. Designed to equip and empower future and current cancer professionals through exposure to topics not typically covered in training or practice, the goal of Cancer 360 is to support a well-rounded, adaptive cancer workforce.

The summer pilot of Cancer 360 was developed in rapid collaboration with experts across fields and professions with resources drawn and adapted from various highly rated programs including the Cancer Trainee Professional Enrichment Program, The Cancer Education Summer Student Learning Series, Innovation Rounds and more. This pilot course was put together on an accelerated schedule to provide virtual education in response to widespread program cancellations due to COVID-19. The pilot course is being evaluated and top rated units will be slated for refresh with new, consistent design and branding.

The course consists of 12 asynchronous units on a wide range of topics to promote a holistic understanding of cancer and cancer survivorship and is delivered entirely online. Units include: About Cancer and Cancer Survivorship, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods, Essential Steps to Finding Best Evidence, Introduction to Knowledge Translation, Smoking Cessation, Health Literacy and Educational Design, Cancer Prevention, Indigenous Cancer Care, Music Therapy, Cancer and Public Health and Interprofessional Care. Assessments are built in to each unit to facilitate deep learning and a certificate of completion is available to those completing all course requirements.

This course is applicable to anyone interested in a foundational knowledge of cancer care at any level and from any region. The course is presented in English and is undergoing ongoing development with new units and resources launching each Fall. Future plans also include development of Cancer 360 Advanced. The Advanced offering will include such topics as Quality in Radiotherapy, Cancer Staging and more.

To register:

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  3.  Wait for the confirmation email and follow the instructions. Check your spam/ junk mail folder.
  4. Access the Cancer 360 course from the Cancer Campus homepage