November 5, 2019

When developed and implemented effectively, national cancer control plans (NCCPs) improve cancer outcomes at the population level. However, many countries do not have a high-quality, operational NCCP, contributing to disparate cancer outcomes globally. Until now, a standard reference of NCCP core elements has not been available to guide development and evaluation across diverse countries and contexts. In this Policy Review, we describe the methods, process, and outcome of an initiative to develop an itemised and evidence-based comprehensive checklist of core elements for NCCP formulation. The final list provides a ready-to-use guide to support NCCP development and to facilitate internal and external critical appraisal of existing NCCPs for countries of all income levels and settings. Governments, policy makers, and stakeholders can utilise this checklist, while considering their own unique contexts and priorities, from the drafting through to the implementation of NCCPs.

To read a paper on a checklist of Core Elements of National Cancer Control Plans click here. This checklist has been the basis of the National cancer control plans: a global analysis conducted by ICCP in 2018. You can find a summary of the analysis here.