June 11, 2020

The Covid-19 and Cancer Taskforce was formed by a number of individuals who recognised the need for coordinated action of cancer experts with the aim of working together to collate data and learnings rapidly to support the community response in the immediate term as well as helping share recovery strategies. 

The Taskforce identified three priorities for action:

  1. Assessment of Covid-19 on cancer outcomes with an emphasis on real-time analysis
  2. Build consortium for collaborative effort of infectious disease and cancer modellers in the immediate and longer term
  3. Assessment of national impact on frontline healthcare workers as pandemic progresses

Noting key cross-cutting issues of widening of existing inequalities, the need for economic impact assessment and high quality research as well as the capturing and sharing of new practices to support recovery and future preparedness.

The membership of the Taskforce in now closed. A set of principles of engagement have been agreed and all taskforce members have submitted a disclosure of interests.

A microsite of the Taskforce, financially supported by RH4C MENA, has just gone live and can be found here.

COVID-19 and Cancer Taskforce Global Modelling Consortium website can be accessed here.