July 12, 2021

In 2020, all WHO Member States endorsed the Global Strategy towards the Elimination of Cervical Cancer at the World Health Assembly. The strategy outlines three measurable global targets to prevent and treat cervical cancer:

  • By 2030, 90% of girls should be fully vaccinated with HPV vaccine by 15 years of age;
  • 70% of women should be screened using a high-performance test by age 35, and again by age 45;
  • 90% of those identified with cervical disease should receive appropriate treatment.

The WHO has recently updated their guidance for screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer lesions, best practices, and implications for national programmes to support countries in achieving the 70-90 targets related to screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer. The "WHO guideline for screening and treatment of cervical pre-cancer lesions for cervical cancer prevention, second edition" include recommendations for the general population as well as for women living with HIV/AIDS.