July 12, 2019

This webinar on the 2018 WCRF/AICR Third Expert Report gives an overview of the evidence relating diet, nutrition and physical activity to cancer; including the updated Cancer Prevention Recommendations and  policy implications. The report is the result of decades of cancer prevention research that was rigorously analysed, judged by an independent expert panel and used as the basis for the updated Recommendations, making them the most reliable cancer prevention advice currently available. These Recommendations represent an integrated pattern of behaviours, culturally relevant throughout the world, that can be considered as an overall package. Together they constitute a blueprint for reducing cancer risk through changing dietary patterns, reducing alcohol consumption, increasing physical activity, promoting breastfeeding and achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Speakers in the webinar will be Prof Martin Wiseman, WCRFI Medical and Scientific Advisor, Isobel Bandurek, WCRFI Research Interpretation Manager and Fiona Sing, WCRFI Policy and Public Affairs Manager. Susannah Brown, WCRFI Acting Head of Research Evidence and Interpretation will join for a live Q&A after the speakers present.

Agenda of the webinar

  •  The global impact of diet, nutrition and physical activity on cancer
  •  The 2018 WCRF/AICR Cancer Prevention Recommendations
  •  Translating the science into policy
  •  Live Q&A