To assist its Member States in evidence based cancer control planning, the IAEA — in partnership with the IARC and World Health Organization (WHO) — offers comprehensive assessments of national cancer control capacities and needs in the form of imPACT Reviews. Since 2005 these reviews have provided national governments with expert insights into their national cancer situation and capacities to improve access to cancer care.

This publication is intended for imPACT Review experts, national authorities in Member States and global cancer control experts. National authorities may use this publication as a tool for evidence based policy making, assessing the cancer control situation or measuring progress in a country. The publication is also a resource for the most recent evidence based guidelines from the IAEA, the IARC and WHO in relation to cancer control planning and delivery. Contributions in the form of review and input to the data collection tools were provided by WHO and its six regional offices, the IARC and the IAEA. The supplementary files available on-line contain additional material, such as tools to inform scope and purpose, self-assessment questionnaires, terms of reference for national experts and a report writing template that can be used to guide the preparation and conduct of imPACT Reviews.