The incidence of cancer is increasing, resulting in a rising demand for high‑quality cancer care. In 2018, there were close to 4.23 million new cases of cancer in Europe, and this number is predicted to rise by almost a quarter to 5.2 million by 2040. This growing demand poses a major challenge to healthcare systems and highlights the need to ensure all cancer patients have access to high-quality, efficient cancer care. One critical component of cancer care is too often forgotten in these discussions: radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is recommended as part of treatment for more than 50% of cancer patients. However, at least one in four people needing radiotherapy does not receive it. This report aims to demonstrate the significant role of radiotherapy in achieving high-quality cancer care and highlights what needs to be done to close the current gap in utilisation of radiotherapy across Europe. We call on all stakeholders, with policymakers at the helm, to help position radiotherapy appropriately within cancer policies and models of care – for the benefit of cancer patients today and tomorrow.