There are several avenues that countries can take to initiate or accelerate the fight against cervical cancer, and integrating it into the HIV and AIDS sphere. Whether this relates to updating national strategic plans (HIV or cancer), writing funding requests to the Global Fund, or conducting studies (e.g. to produce analytical data or solutions for the integration of care). L'Initiative provides programmatic experts with a toolkit that comprises various self-training documents to explore these different avenues.

The documents are grouped into four thematic areas:

  1. Recommendations and advocacy: various strategic documents to help with preparing updates to national plans and WHO epidemiological data to support these strategies. It also includes documents that can be used for advocacy purposes.
  2. Implementation: suggested tools to support assessments of care provision sites, data production, rollout of portable tools.
  3. Sharing learning: examples of success on integration and opportunities for sharing between different contexts.
  4. Planning: documents to support with national level planning and procurement.

The toolkit is available in both English and French.